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Travel Guide: Capri

When to go?
Travel Guide: Capri - guiacapri_cuandoir
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The best months to visit Capri are May and October due to the warm weather and low tide. As it is high season, there may be several tourists, but this does not mean that it is still an extremely pleasant place.

How to get there? 

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To get to Capri, the easiest way is to fly to Naples; from there, you will need to take a ferry to the island. Lufthansa, Alitalia and Iberia are some of the airlines that travel to Italy and usually stop over.

Where to stay?

Travel Guide: Capri - guiacapri_dondedormir
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Capri Palace Hotel and Spa

D. Via Capodimonte 14, Anacapri, Italia

T. +39 081 978 0111

P. www.capripalace.com/en

IG. @capripalace

FB. @capripalace

Hotel Caesar Augustus

D. Via Giuseppe Orlandi 4, Anacapri, Italia

T. +39 081 837 3395

P. www.caesar-augustus.com

FB. @Hotelcaesaraugustus

JK Place Capri

D. Via Marina Grande 225, Capri, Italia

T. +39 081 838 4001

P. www.jkcapri.com

IG. @jkplacecapri

FB. @jkplacecapri

Hotel Orsa Maggiore

D. Via Tuoro 30, Anacapri, Italia

T. +39 081 837 3351

P. www.orsamaggiore-capri.com

FB. @OrsaMaggiore

Where to eat? 

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D. Via Fuorlovado 18, Capri, Italia

T. +39 081 837 0181

P. www.auroracapri.com/home.htm

IG. @auroracapri

FB. @ristoranteauroracapri

Villa Verde

D. Via Sella Orta 6, Capri, Italia

T. +39 081 837 7024

P. www.villaverde-capri.com

Da Paolino

D. Via Palazzo a Mare 3, Marina Grande, Italia

T. +39 081 837 6102

P. www.paolinocapri.com

IG. @paolinolemontreescapri

FB. @paolinocapri

Da Giorgio

D. Via Roma 34, Capri, Italia

T. +39 081 837 5777

P. www.dagiorgiocapri.com

FB. @DaGiorgioCapri


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Foto: capanninacapri.it

Taverna Anema e Core

D. Via Sella Orta 1, Capri, Italia

T. +39 081 837 6461

P. www.anemaecore.com

IG. @tavernaanemaecore

FB. @tavernaanemaecore

La Capannina Wine Bar e Grapperia

D. Vico S. Tommaso 1, Capri, Italia

T. +39 081 837 0732

P. www.capanninacapri.it

IG. @lacapanninacapri

FB. @capanninacapri

Capri Rooftop

D. Via Matteotti 7, Capri, Italia

T. +39 081 837 8147

P. www.caprirooftop.com

IG. @caprirooftop

FB. @caprirooftop

Culture and tourism 

Travel Guide: Capri - guiacapri_culturayturismo
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Blue Grotto

D. Anacapri, Italia


D. Piazza Umberto I, Capri, Italia

Castello Barbarossa

D. Via Monte Solaro, Anacapri, Italia

T. +39 081 837 5308

P. www.capritourism.com/it/article?article1_id=1658